What surprised you most in Poland???
The most surprising thing in Poland was capital city Warsaw, becouse other places we have not seen
yet. Warsaw is several times bigger than Vilnius and it has very good and fast public transport system.
It is comfortable. People are helpfull and communicable. I see that city municipality feels responsible
for the culture and history. Very good cultural center with it’s workshops and their job is very good
organized and is attractive. We had seen Royal Baths (Łazienki królewskie) park and buildings, It is
very nice.

What are some concerns about your participation in this project. How do you invision
overcoming them?
We can not answer this question becouse everything was very good organized. There were no
difficulties with living place, food and transport. Evenings was planned very good and it was very
comfortable in your cultural center.

Ovidjis & Pauljus



Why did you want to participate in this project?
We have been attended in an international project second time already.
Our organization hadn’t get any international partnership since then, but we always wanted to build
it. We have several traditional artistic activities what are must be shown to the world. For example
bascet work, weaving, patchworking and beading. This project supports those who are endangered
to loose their job by involving them in useful activities. The second important thing is that the
participants from each country can exchange their experiences, in this way helping each other. They
can raise their knowledge of artistic activities, improve their sense of language. Our task is to allow
the useful way to these participants with this project.

How important for you is participation in this project?
I am very happy and very proud of that we are attended in this project. Meeting people from several
countries, getting know each countries’ traditions, life and culture-always are exciting things. Even
more when we work together!
I think participation in this porject is very important to our organization and personally for me. We can
learn a lot of useful and interesting things and learn how to be more and more open minded. World is
made of lots of colors and now I can feel that we are a point in this colourful paletta.




What would you advise those people who cannot find work?

I will inform them about possibilities concerning courses and education via LLP Grundtvig programme,
and tell them that they can contact their local cultural centres for further information about this, and
how they can participate in this LLP programme of EU.

Also, I will advise them that, at the beginig, it is very important to beleive to yourself.

Have you discovered anything new about yourself during this project?

Yes, I discoverd that there is no need that I give up, even before that I start to do some artistic work
(par example: painting). What will be better way is – just relax myself and – just do it! J




Have you discovered anything new about yourself during this project?
I discovered my strong need to have contact with people other than mothers of school children or
nursery children.
Previously I did not realize my need, perhaps not to develop in the field of art, but to create pretty

How has this project influenced you?
I met interesting people from Poland and other European countries. I am sure I will keep in touch
with some of them, even if I am not able to participate in other parts of the project, because we are
planning to attend classes or meet outside the Cultural Centre to spend time in pleasant company and
to learn how to make beautiful things.
I realized that the world does not revolve around children only and they can manage by themselves
when I’m away from home for almost all week. Thanks to that project, I know that I can devote more
time to myself.
I have been devoted to my passion for art for a long time but during the workshop I found other
very interesting technique which I wouldn’t try by my own initiative. Thanks to my participation in
this project I know that I want to engage more often in activities that will enable me to discover new

Kasia, Ewa, Marta, Sylwia, Ania, Basia, Natalia

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