Arts and Crafts – Individual

First you buy a net of plastic with the measure (40×30 cm). After you choose the rags that will use. You can buy in a store or take any piece of clothing that no longer uses or is damaged and tear to rags Tie or bake the tip of the tissue in the net and [...]

Traditional Lithuanian dances and instruments

Dances. Folk choreography is a part of folklore and it is as original as all nation’s folklore is original. Folk choreography is the creative work of the people where artistic images are created by rhythmical movements followed by vocal or instrumental music. Folk choreography as well as other branches of the folk art has always [...]

Painting of Fractals

Fractals is a recent form of art therapy. Therapeutic method based on a spontaneous line drawing and coloring. It is an excellent way for communication. We can draw in pairs, get to know and understand each other and also learn from each other.  Solve problems together. How to draw? Take a white sheet of paper [...]

Relaxation Yoga

What is Yoga? It comes from root word ‘yunj’ (Sanskrit) -which means to unify. Yoga is a system of practices that encourages the harmony and union of body, mind & spirit -and gives a sense of Oneness. Yoga has five principles: relaxation, vegetarian nutrition, asanas (Yoga postures), pranayama ( breathing), meditation. Yoga poses were developed [...]

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