Arts and Crafts – Individual

First you buy a net of plastic with the measure (40×30 cm). After you choose the rags that will use. You can buy in a store or take any piece of clothing that no longer uses or is damaged and tear to rags Tie or bake the tip of the tissue in the net and [...]


Traditional Cuisine – Homemade Bread

Ingredients: White flour for bread Warm water Salt Yeast         Preparation: In a bowl place the flour, salt and yeast. Make a hole in the middle to put the warm water. Knead it for 20 minutes. Cover with a towel, making sure that the entire bowl is covered. Leave to ferment for [...]



Box   Materials: Brushes (size medium and large) Wood box Acrylic paints matte Dec oupage glue for wood / Glue multicolage Napkin Scissors Spray varnish Fine sandpaper to wood 2 Paints (with the colours that you enjoy)   Preparation of the Box: Sand the piece and paint the box after being sanded with acrylic paint, [...]

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