Optidados – Leitura de questionários, Lda
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The OptiDados is an enterprise of Studies of Market and Soundings of Opinion. This enterprise is specialized in the Reading Optics of Questionnaires and Data Analysis.
Analyzing the objectives of the overall Project Grundtvig Learning Partnership, the Optidados like participating in the partnership with the collaboration of a cultural group/ association which activities are fitted in this project.

This association based on a Folk Group, developed a long process of collection and ethnographic research of uses, customs, traditional dances and songs of the region centre of Portugal, now discloses this traditions on Portugal and others countries.
This group is composed by voluntaries elements of various ages, social conditions and qualifications whose main objective is to preserve the traditional culture and to demonstrate on future generations experiences and activities that no longer practice through traditional dances, songs, the tale of traditional stories, rhymes, riddles, legends related to the experiences or the people’s daily lives, or certain times of the year and exhibitions.

The apprenticeship of the craftwork, like the embroideries, is a practical case of how it is possible to adapt and to transpose the knowledge’s for the labour market with for example, in his application in objects or clothing, providing the possibility of creation of a new job.

In addition, the fact that people interact in leisure activities considered improves their interpersonal relationships, their communication skills and learns teamwork, basic skills to live more integrated in today’s societies, thus avoiding social exclusion.

Optidados – Leitura de questionários, Lda
Rua do Canto n.º 86 Azabucho – Pousos, 2410-021 Leira
PT – Portugal

Contact person:
Umbelina Garcia, director
tel. (+351) 964 846 168
fax (+351) 244 812 109


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