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Tempus Public Fundation in 2008. created an award for excellence named „ Cooperation for International Culture”, its aim to introduce outstanding projects working in international cooperation under Life Long Learning programme, showing good exampmples, strengthening approaching quality, providing that the institutes given prize showing the professional audiance their obtained knowledge, sharing their experiences with other participants of the programme.

The award for excellence is given every year to a project that is had been finished till the deadline of the contract with Tempus Public Fundation and the final report had been sent to the National Agency. All of finished and sent final report is invited in the appraisal process.

This time our project, „Visual Arts Network- Goldanagers OverGoing Horizons. Artistic education for adult learners” was nominated the „ Cooperation for International Culture” an award for excellence, by the evaluation of National Agency’s experts this project is one of the awars of the year.

The award for excellence was given us on 10th May, during the valorisation conference in Budapest, named „Educators as the catalyst of the mobilities.

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