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Trakų Vokės bendruomenės kultūros centras
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Cultural Centre of  Traku Voke community started work in 1961. The founder of the cultural center is the council of Vilnius municipality.

Our vision is to become a platform for the artists inspiration, a warm and cosy place for sincere communication and spiritual development.

Main aims of Cultural Centre of  Traku Voke community: to cherish and propogate folk art, to develop the activity of amateur art collectives, protection of historical- cultural heritagein the settliment, organization of state, calendar and traditional festivals, exhibitions and contests, to facilitate all members of the community groups to ensure their comprehensive selfexpression and leisure.

Our role in project “ Art express pressing stress” is to help jobless project participants from all partners countries to feel better aiming relaxing and psychological metods (yoga, painting of fractals and ect.) and get better psychological and emotional condition.

Program:  yoga clasess and stress reducing by means of art – painting of fractals.

Fractals are bioenergeting paintings, they reflect emotion and physical condition of person. Painting of fractals could help make better emotional condition. So we will paint fractals, analise them and set free our emotions.



Trakų Vokės bendruomenės kultūros centras
Žalioji a.3, LT-02232 Vilnius
www.tvbkc.lt / tvkulturoscentras@gmail.com

Contact person:
Mrs. Loreta Marcinkevičienė, director
tel. (+370) 5 264 5564


Gelezinio Vilko str. 12, LT-01112, Vilnius
www.smpf.lt /grundtvig@smpf.lt

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