TEMI Fővárosi Művelődési Háza
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The Capital’s Cultural Centre was founded by the Regional Cultural Inst. Association in Budapest, and its basic tasks are to introduce and popularize Hungarian customs and folklore values. It is open to the public for 55 years as the capital’s largest and most visited cultural centre, and the institution is charged with the representation of cultural values, the creation of advantageous conditions for artistic education, supporting the population’s socio-cultural needs, and maintaining  Hungarian traditions.

During our activities, we put a great deal of effort to give comprehensive amateur and traditional artistic knowledge for the entrants and those, who are above their 45 years in order to re-integrate them in the labour market. Concerning the Hungarian work conditions, these are the most endangered age-groups in Hungary. In our institution, by attaining various techniques, they can gain more working opportunities. Our most popular handcraft courses involve the patch-sew, basket maker, painting, weaving and felting courses. Those who participate in the handcraft courses, also have the opportunity to show their creation on different exhibitions. In this application, we propose as a main goal the teaching of these techniques and giving a significant, elementary command of a language and some business skills.
TEMI Fővárosi Művelődési Háza
Fehérvári 47., 1119 Budapest
HU – Hungary

Contact person:
Ms. Eva Kovacs, cultural proffesional
Tel. (+36) 1 203 38 68
fax (+36) 1 203 38 73


TPF, H-1438 Budapest 70. PF:508
www.tka.hu / grundtvig@tpf.hu



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