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Narodno sveučilište Dubrava
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Narodno sveučilište Dubrava (Dubrava Peoples University, DPU) was founded by the City of Zagreb in 1958. Its mission is lifelong learning and cultural diffusion. In terms of programme and human resources the Centre is among the biggest cultural institutions in the City of Zagreb, and in Croatia as a whole. Based in Dubrava, a borough located in the eastern part of Zagreb, the Centre benefits from a rich multiethnic and multicultural community of 150,000 people. It strives to engage local population in various artistic, cultural and educational activities. DPU consists of several operational units dedicated to different artistic, cultural and educational purposes: Event and Project Centre, Visual Arts Centre, Children’s Theatre Dubrava, Centre for Film and Video, Music Centre, Dance Centre, Traditional Croatian Culture Centre, Production Centre, Language Centre, Computing Centre, Programmes for elderly people, regional and international cooperation. Since 2009. NSD is member of European Network of Cultural Centres.

For adult people we organize “RE-creative” programmes – language and computer courses,  art and crafts and ethno  courses and workshops, yoga-pilates-dance clases and communication workshops. We have about 500 attenders with different social and cultural background on programmes for adult people, and for them lifelong learning process is very important – the same for personal development and for better economic situation. Beceause of this, we want to put this programme on European level.

Our role in this project, as a partner, is to give diverse programme for self education and for expressing creativity through knowing the Croation culture as a part of european culture.




Narodno sveučilište Dubrava
Cerska 1, 10 040 Zagreb
HR – Croatia /
tel. (+385) 12 050 030
fax. (+385) 12 910 487

Contact person:
Dunja Vuković, cultural programme manager
tel. (+385) 12 050 030


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