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Our project is consequence of experience obtained by three institutions which have cooperated in the previously realized Van Gogh’s project dedicated to seniors art education (applied to Grundtvig). This time we would like to organize major project by inviting new three partners, with no experience in Grundtvig Programme. The goal of this project is to reduce adult learners at risk of work exclusion stress through artistic activities. The second type of the recipients are art instructors, staff members of cultural centres who will possess new competences concerning adult learners endangered by professional exclusion. We plan to organize six international partner meetings – in each partner country based on series of workshops. Every partner meeting will have different artistic profile: art and ceramic in Poland, music and rural theatre in Portugal, creativity in Lithuania, Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Croatia, handcrafts in Hungary and dance theatre in Spain. In addition every country is obliged to prepare national ethnic workshops. These mobilities will be based on active participation of adult learners. The project will result in breaking of cultural and language barriers; active participation in the open European Union will increase self-confidence of adult learners. Another benefit for them will be gaining the skills of cooperation in international teams and growth of knowledge about the variety of European culture.

Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty (OKO), Warsaw

Contact person:
Ms. Katarzyna Skowron, coordinator of the project,
tel. (+48) 22 822 74 36,

Trakų Vokės bendruomenės kultūros centras, Vilnius, LT – Lithuania
TEMI Fővárosi Művelődési Háza, Budapest, HU – Hungary
Optidados – Leitura de questionários, Lda, Leira, PT – Portugal
Narodno sveučilište Dubrava, Zagreb, HR – Croatia
Asociación Yarleku, Pamplona, ES – Spain

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