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“@rtRe-start. Art express pressing stress” is a partnership of six European institutions which are oriented on culture and education, with mainly adult learners. During two years we met six times in each partner country in order to learn from each other different artistic, cultural, social and recreation techniques popular in our area, which later we could develop and share with the others. Moreover, program of each partner meeting consisted of workshops that support fight with stress.

World around us is changing so fast. Our tempo of living is dictated by the area that surrounds us. Sometimes it is not easy to find ourselves in that changes and that tempo. Sometimes we become adult so fast, have families, work, getting older, that we forget about our dreams and real needs. It is not easy to stop and think over our existence when everything around is moving so fast. Working many years in the field of culture we observe how society is changing. Economical situation of our states makes people feel unconfident about their and their families future. This insecurity produces a lot of stress which recently has became civilization disease. So what we can do as cultural managers? We must respond that changes. People come to our organization to rest, to be far for a while from their everyday problems. Here they discover their potential, may develop it and reflect themselves from another perspective. Here they become painters, musicians, poets, singers etc. Here they become artists.

Art is great tool that assists a man from the earliest phases of human being. Art brings relief. No matter what life a man has outside. When he is alone in the process of creativity his brain and body rests. Art is for all the people. Rich and poor. Happy and sad. You have a wide spectrum of possibilities which will make you feel better, make your environment nicer.
By this project we were sharing and learning from each other during partner meetings how to use that artistic tools. Very often we broadened the theme of meeting to matters of psychology, healthy lifestyle, recreation to gain more skills supportive in stress reduction and raising the quality of life.


6th partner meeting in Pamplona

The main theme of 6th meeting was drama workshops.

During the programme it was organized object theater workshops during which we learnt different exercices and games about using the object in theater. On recycling workshops we learned how to create the object with the use of waste. The result was creation of different and very impressive urban mythological characters from rubbish!

On intercultural night all the partners present the food and music from their countries and we all learned how to dance traditional basque dance. During cultural visits we attended interesting guided tour of Pamplona and have opportunity to learn more about basque culture with visit of traditional festival in the village Zugarramundi.

5th partner meeting in UNESCO heritage village Holloko

The meeting took place was in Hollókő  – Palóc ethnographic village protected by UNESCO World Heritage, and the programme were absolutely based on traditions and arts crafts of Hollókő: from gastronomy through handicrafts till clothing.

The specialty of the programmes was that we all live in ethno village and were invited to have lunch at private houses. It was directly showing the real tastes of these traditional food.
Also, during gastronomy workshops: how to make scone in oven, cheese from milk that we got from the cows during the meeting activities, sour soup of bean and oyster and cake of cottage cheese. During the handicraft workshops we make traditional ceramics, jewellery of beads and leather and puppets of hay. Also we had opportunity to be dressed in traditional clothes of Palóc people and visiting the next ethno village named Rimóc.
The topic of international evening was Easter tradition and every participant showed us their Easter tradition. The crown of this evening was a common dance teaching by a local folklore dance teacher.
For the final evening and exhibition everybody was invited – local people, who took part in this partner meeting and all the participants. Everybody showed what they made during these 5 days, and was given a diploma and a little gift of Hollókő.

4th partner meeting in Zagreb

The main theme of meeting in Zagreb was communication. In all day programme we had opportunity to research the city by the game, try team-building activities leaded by Croatian outward bound team and hear about communication though – water, smell and taste, visual signs, laughing and touch.
Our main activities was four day cycle of psychodrama workshops and IT workshops concerning using of social networks. The workshops end with little theahtre show and presentation of web pages and profiles on social networks made by project participants.


3rd Partner Meeting in Lithuania

From 13th until 19th of June 2011 we realized the 3 rd Partner Meeting in Lithuania.There were held during 3rd partner meeting psychological-relaxation activities: relaxation, Yoga, painting of fractails workshops with psychological characteristic of each project participant and final exibition of fractals. There was also Lithuanian national workshops: learning traditional dances and playing on traditional instruments, making of traditioanal puppets, and cooking national cuisine. During cultural programs we visited Trakų Vokė, Vilnius city old town, ancient capital of Lithuania -Trakai and festival „Let There be the Night!“. All Meeting participants had welcoming in Vilnius City municipality and there was also project presentation.


2nd Partner Meeting in Portugal

From 3rd until 10th of April 2011 we realized the second activity of the project “@rtRe-start“ – 2nd Partner Meeting. The activities began with a briefing from Optidados for partners in Residential S. Francisco, where they stayed. Then they were received by the Mayor of Leiria which gave them congratulations for the project and wished a good stay in the district of Leiria. Followed then to Santa Catarina da Serra, the parish where we made most of the activities where they had a reception by the President of the Parish Council. These activities consisted of the learning arts and crafts, traditional dances, traditional instruments and making of handicraft products (bases for plates, necklaces and bracelets) – through the Ethnographic Museum of Rancho Folclórico de S. Guilherme, making bread and horseshoe cake (a traditional cake from the pilgrimage) – through the bakery S. Guilherme (Santa Catarina da Serra); latin dances – through dance school Alma Latina (Milagres); and decoupage / napkin technique (decorate wood boxes, plates and glass bowls) by trainer Emeraldina Rolo on League of Combatants (Leiria). Participants also had the opportunity to attend a Rural Theater – Traditional Market organized by Rancho Folclórico de S. Guilherme, visit the Castle of Leiria, visit the Shrine of Fatima, Batalha Monastery and the beach of Nazaré, the main icons in the Leiria region. The coordinators meeting of the project was held in the Business Nucleus of Leiria (NERLEI), where they were welcomed by its General Secretary and the closing took place in the League of Combatants with a supper offered by Optidados, followed by a musical moment by two fado singer from Marinha Grande and three Polish singers (Izabela Puk, Marta Zubilewicz and Katarzyna Piwowarska).


1st partner meeting and beginning of the project

The project started in august 2010., and we had very successful first partner meeting in november 2010. in Warsaw concerning visual art. Here it is more about it!Now we prepare second partner meeting in Leira, Portugal, concerning folklore! Meeting in Portugal will be at the begining of april, and here you can find more information about this!

Off course, we are very busy with making this web page more intersting for you, so it is growing day by day, and it is still underconstruction. We are online from midle of february this year, and we will be in web space for sure till the end of 2012. But, we hope that you will like us, and that our web page and new european @rt Re-start community will go and go on …

So, check us, link us, share us, blog us, add us … and enjoy with us in the world of life long learning!

Your @rt Re-start team.

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